Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reminder on Rubrics for Semester 1's Toy Design Project

For your information, here are the rubrics for the Toy Design Project. Do take note of the proportion of the various items that you and your team would need to submit:

Assessment 2: Rubrics on Toy Prototype
Assessment 3: Rubrics on Posters/Presentation Boards
Assessment 4: Rubrics on Group Design Journal

Monday, April 4, 2011

Continuation of E-learning

Lesson 2:

Picture 1:
The mechanical use in a pen would be the spring and the stopper which does not let the spring come out until the button is pressed

Picture 2:
The mechanical parts of this is probably gears and a driver gear which makes the lock come in and out. The driver gear is driven by the key we use and the key is the only type which can be used.

The picture is of a door hook and which uses joints to move itself.

Picture 4:
The spectacle is another type where the pivot helps it to not be so flimsy. 

Picture 5:
The picture which I would think of a better solution. The door is only attached by two screw-like structures at the top and bottom of the door. As a result of which, the strength of the door is not so good. The degree of turning is not stopped so the door is easily a obstruction as it can turn more than 110degrees. This affects any papers or anything placed near the door as it can crumple the paper as it is not stopped from turning. I would say that they should have something to stop the door from moving so freely.

Lesson 1:

Picture 6:
This works as when the wheel is nearer to the handle it moves back because of the weight, however when it is further away the Duck moves forward.

Picture 7:
How it works:
When open, the magnets retract the rods so that they do not dangle around.
When in use, the hollow rod lets the thinner rod go in and that would make the structure strong enough to bear the weight

Vivek E-learning Lesson 1 and 2

Lesson 2:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lesson 1 Updated Mohit

As the wheel moves,the hinge moves the small stick that is connected to the duck,thus oscillating the duck

Lesson 2 Mohit

To close the macbook,You must push the flap down.There is also a fulcrum so you can close it
The correction tape uses gears to dispense the tape.
The mechanical pencil lead holder cap is like a lever that also has a fulcrum.

eLearning Lesson 2 Part 1 By Adam Tan (17)

Picture 1
The gears in the watch moves the hands of the watch. The gears also change the speed at which the hands are moving by having different numbers of teeth thus enabling the watch to run on a single motor
Picture 2
The Blinds are moved up and down by using a set of pulleys. The fixed pulley changes the direction of force used so that the person using the mechanism does not have to pull the blinds up from where he or she is standing at.
Picture 3
The fan uses a single motor at the center of the fan to propel the fan blades which then moves the air around it. The fan blades are attached to the side of the spinning axis which spins the blades. It moves slower than the sides of the fan blades as it uses the lever system to push the blade a longer distance than the axis is spinning at.

Lesson 1 Mohit

Lesson 1 and 2 by Kieren Chua

ADMT e-learning Kieren Chua

 This stapler will represent the lever where the force is the fingers,the fulcrum is the connecting point of the stapler and the load is in the  staple


Fingers are also another type of lever where the fulcrum are the joints effort if from the forearm and the load is in the tip of the fingers


Blinds are a way of using bevel gears to pull up and down the blinds which is happens by a bevel gear

Elearning Samuel Ong Activity 2

I think my stapler can be improved because sometimes we need to stapler together large amount of paper . So i think that the stapler can be longer and more lasting because if the load is further away from the fulcrum , less effort is needed . The stapler bullet should also be stronger and longer so as to stapler together more pieces of paper . 

My nail cutter is an example of a load further away from it's fulcrum , thus making nail cutting easier


The following has still not updated/submitted your work. Please do so ASAP:

Lesson 1:
2- Aisyah-???
4- Alpha Chua-???
5- Amrit Singh (no explanation)
9- Jonathan Then (no explanation)
11- Kieren Chua ????
12- Matthew Lim (no explanation)
13- Mohit ???
14- Mirza ???
15- Pranavi ???
16- Samuel Ong ???
17- Adam Tan ???
19- Tay Kun Yao (no pics)
20- Kenneth ???
21- Vivek ???

Lesson 2:
2- Aisyah-???
4- Alpha Chua ???
11- Kieren Chua ???
12- Matthew Lim ???
13- Mohit ???
14- Mirza (no pics)
15- Pranavi ???
16- Samuel Ong (no explanation)
17- Adam Tan ???
20- Kenneth ???
21- Vivek ???

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 and 2 by Catherine Lim (03)

Did it in my blog due to problems with uploading of images -.-"


Status of eLearning assignments

These are the status of your eLearning assignments as of 1345 HR. The names with question marks beside them have not submitted your works into the blogs. Please do so ASAP!

Lesson 1:
  1. Abigail Augustines
  2. Aisyah-???
  3. Alpha Chua-???
  4. Amrit Singh (no explanation)
  5. Catherine Lim (no pictures)
  6. Daniel Chan
  7. Zhi Xiang
  8. Jonathan Then ???
  9. Khoo Wu Shen
  10. Kieren Chua ????
  11. Matthew Lim (no explanation)
  12. Mohit ???
  13. Mirza ???
  14. Pranavi ???
  15. Samuel Ong ???
  16. Adam Tan ???
  17. Tan Zhi Yong
  18. Tay Kun Yao (no pics)
  19. Kenneth ???
  20. Vivek ???
  21. Elijah Wong
Lesson 2:
  1. Abigail Augustines
  2. Aisyah-???
  3. Alpha Chua ???
  4. Amrit Singh
  5. Catherine Lim ???
  6. Daniel Chan ???
  7. Zhi Xiang
  8. Jonathan Then
  9. Khoo Wu Shen
  10. Kieren Chua ???
  11. Matthew Lim ???
  12. Mohit ???
  13. Mirza (no pics)
  14. Pranavi ???
  15. Samuel Ong (no explanation)
  16. Adam Tan ???
  17. Tan Zhi Yong
  18. Tay Kun Yao
  19. Kenneth ???
  20. Vivek ???
  21. Elijah Wong

Saturday, March 26, 2011

eLearning Lesson 2 by Zhixiang (08)

The correction tape and sharpener uses gears.

The chair uses linkages.

Problem: The table can only be raised or lowed using your hands.
Solution: Use a gear system to raise or lower the table

eLearning Lesson 1 & 2 (Khoo Wu Shen)

I did everything in my admt blog. The link is:

Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 by Daniel Chan (07)

A Correction Tape uses gears to move tape.
A clock contains gears to move the 2 hands.
A bicycle uses gears and linkages to move wheels.

Problem:Standing Fan in house hard to turn
Solution:Turn bottom part of center stand in to a gear.Add flexible thin flaps at the same height.Upper part of fan can turn,but requires some force.The fan will also not turn loosely due to flaps in between gear teeth.

eLearning Lesson 2 Mirza (14)

The window uses linkages.
The clock and the fan uses gears.
The tap use levers.

Part 2
The windows in my room are slide to open windows therefore you cannot open all the windows as there will always be one part that is covered.
Is suggest using the linkages like the other window...

eLearning Lesson 2 by Tay Kun Yao (19)

1. The clock and the white rollers uses gear system.

2.The Door uses linkages to open and to stay open.

3. The water tap uses levers to to switch on.

I think the chairs should have a linkage system at the legs so that you can fold it whenever not in use to maximise the space you have around in your house/room.

E-Learning Lesson 2 Samuel Ong 15

eLearning Lesson 2 by Elijah_Wong (21)

Part One (1st, 2nd and 3rd Pictures)

1) The cupboard have linkages. This mechanism allows the cupboard to open and close it with lesser force

2) The wine-bottle opener is made up of gears. When both handles are pushed down, the screw attached to the wine cork will be pulled open.

3) The tap is a lever. This mechanism allows the tap to open with less force for water to be pumped.

Part Two (3rd and 4th Pictures)

One problem I encounter is the table. The table will not balance properly when heavy things are put onto it. It will not be stable and will cause the objects on it to topple of the table.

A solution to solve this will be using linkages. (As shown in the sketch) The adding of linkages allow it to be more firm and less likely for heavy objects to topple of when it is on the table.