Thursday, March 31, 2011

eLearning Lesson 2 Part 1 By Adam Tan (17)

Picture 1
The gears in the watch moves the hands of the watch. The gears also change the speed at which the hands are moving by having different numbers of teeth thus enabling the watch to run on a single motor
Picture 2
The Blinds are moved up and down by using a set of pulleys. The fixed pulley changes the direction of force used so that the person using the mechanism does not have to pull the blinds up from where he or she is standing at.
Picture 3
The fan uses a single motor at the center of the fan to propel the fan blades which then moves the air around it. The fan blades are attached to the side of the spinning axis which spins the blades. It moves slower than the sides of the fan blades as it uses the lever system to push the blade a longer distance than the axis is spinning at.

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