Friday, February 25, 2011

Toy Design Journal

Please continue to work on your Design Journals in your Toy Design teams. The focus for today's lessons would be on the following:
  • Guiding Questions: What are some other questions that you might have to guide you in your designs?
  • Further Research (if need to)
  • Detailed Development:
    • Material considerations (cardboard, acrylic, compressed foam, balsa wood, pine wood, etc)
    • Inclusion of Mechanisms or/and Electronics (where relevant and needed)
    • How to construct?
  • Version 2 of the toy design model: Please work on your detailed SketchUp models NOW. Work on creating components and parts, and use the 'Make Component' options in the software to create the various interconecting components. Use the format usually used in an 'Exploded View' format to indicate how the various parts come together!
Please submit the Version 2 of your model to me via my gmail address, which I think all of you would have already known. Rename your files as: 205_ToyDesign_TeamX

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using cams for an Automaton...

Automata is the plural form of automaton, a self-operating machine.

Your assignment for today is to create a story idea based on a design taken from an automaton. To know more about automata and the mechanisms involved, you can Google or YouTube for it, or refer to the link HEREFor some inspiration, you can refer to this SITE. For some examples, you can refer to this GALLERY

Please suggest your designs of the automata on one of the following media: PHUN, SKETCHUP, PAPER-BASED (in the form of sketches), and name the file as:

Note: If you are using PHUN or SKETCHUP, please include a text file that explains your design/s further.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Global Citizenship Program: Talent Development Program (TDP) Level 2 for ADMT

Dear Year 2 students,

As you might have known, there would be a Level 2 TDP trip to Vietnam in week 10 of Term 2, that is specially catered to those who are interested in expanding your interests in ADMT. The objectives of the trip are as follows:
  1. To have a deeper understanding of the requirements of urban planning
  2. To uncover the relationship between cultural influences and the architectural development of a developing country
  3. To understand the requirements of developing a learning and recreational space for the youths
As you would have probably noticed, this trip is skewed towards an even larger understanding of how ADMT is applied at a more macro level, that includes urban planning, architecture and other related areas.

As I am gathering information and working on the detailed plans, I am encouraging those who fits the profile below, and who are not involved in other GCP trips, to come and see me (Mr Irfan) personally, anytime after school for further details, before next Tuesday, 1st March, 2011.  My main target group are as follows:
  • Students with strong interest in ADMT
  • Students who are independent learners
  • Students who exhibit a positive learning attitude
See you till then.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Initial submission of toy design journal..changes

Due to the events happening during week 10 of Term 1, we would need to push the initial submission date of the Design Journal to the early part of the week, specifically on Thursday, 10th of March 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Phun survey...

Please spare some time to fill up this survey form:

Toy Design Posters Rubrics

This is the rubric for the Posters component of your coursework:

Rubric for the Posters' component

Toy Design Prototype Rubrics

This is the rubric for the Prototype component of the toy design coursework:

Prototype rubrics

Toy Design Journal Rubrics

Here is the rubric for the Design Journal component of your coursework:

Rubrics for Design Journal component

Submission of toy design journal

The teams would need to submit your toy design journals in Term 1, Week 10 on the 11th March 2011. Things to include in the journal should include the following basic content items:
  • Initial Research on Toys
  • Concept Map on toys (brainstorming)
  • Essential Questions
  • Selected Idea and justification
  • Guiding Questions: What are some other questions that you might have to guide you in your designs?
  • Further Research
  • Detailed Development:
    • Material considerations
    • Inclusion of Mechanisms or/and Electronics
    • How to construct?
  • Version 1 of the toy design model/s

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gears & gear systems

For your next assignment:

Challenge 1: Design a gear system that would allow one to turn a driver gear, and be able to turn a set of 3 different gears with different speeds, but in the SAME direction as the driver gear. The gear speeds should be:
  • Driver Gear: 100 rpm
  • Driven Gear A: 200 rpm
  • Driven Gear B: 80 rpm
  • Driven Gear C: 250 rpm
Use Phun, and tracers or other relevant attachments to the various gear systems, to visually indicate the rotation of each of these driven gears.

Challenge 2 (More challenging): Design a gear system that allows its users to move an object of mass = 5kg over a LINEAR distance of 1 metre, using the least number of gears that you can! You can show for both vertical and horizontal linear motions.

Submit your soft copies of your files (or take a screenshot/video screenshot of your designs), and submit them to the SUBMIT folder using the following 2 file names:
  • GearsPhun1_205_TanAhSeng
  • GearsPhun2_205_TanAhSeng

Friday, February 11, 2011

Basic Mechanisms, Levers and Linkages

From the lesson presentations done, answer the following 2 questions using Phun.

Question 1

Question 2

 Rename both your files as:
  • ToyElephantPhun_205_TanAhSeng
  • ToyBirdPhun_205_TanAhSeng

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video 2: for inspiration...What is a Good toy?

Getting ideas from folk toys? What defines a good toy? Do give your comments in the 'Comments' section.

Video 1: for inspiration...

The following clip takes a look at the design of a simple, yet creatively unique way or relooking and reideating on the idea of a wooden block. Take a listen and let me hear your thoughts in the 'Comments' section of this blog post!

Week 6: Lesson Instructions for 10th Feb 2011

In my absence, please do the following:
  1. For those of you who are still NOT 'Followers' of this blog, please do so, as it would help me to keep track of who you guys are.
  2. In your Toy Design groups, work on the next part of your Design Journals, i.e. version 2 of your designs. In the previous lessons, each team have came up and selected the main idea that the team would want to work on for the actual design/s. For this lesson:
    • Work on refining on version 1 of your toy designs. These may include improvements to how your toys could be made from either of the following materials: Cardboard, Compressed foams (pink or/and blue), Pine or/and Balsa wood, Acrylic sheets
    • Also work on how you can incorporate simple mechanisms or electronics into your designs. The 4 key mechanical components that I would be touching on for my next lessons on Friday are: Levers, Gears, Cams and Pulleys.
    • For help in understanding Basic Mechanical systems, you can refer to the following sites:
    • For help in understanding Basic Electronics, you can refer to the following site:
      • Electronics (Note that I am only going to cover basics of electronics such as batteries, switches, bulbs and buzzers for your project)