Friday, February 25, 2011

Toy Design Journal

Please continue to work on your Design Journals in your Toy Design teams. The focus for today's lessons would be on the following:
  • Guiding Questions: What are some other questions that you might have to guide you in your designs?
  • Further Research (if need to)
  • Detailed Development:
    • Material considerations (cardboard, acrylic, compressed foam, balsa wood, pine wood, etc)
    • Inclusion of Mechanisms or/and Electronics (where relevant and needed)
    • How to construct?
  • Version 2 of the toy design model: Please work on your detailed SketchUp models NOW. Work on creating components and parts, and use the 'Make Component' options in the software to create the various interconecting components. Use the format usually used in an 'Exploded View' format to indicate how the various parts come together!
Please submit the Version 2 of your model to me via my gmail address, which I think all of you would have already known. Rename your files as: 205_ToyDesign_TeamX

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