Monday, February 14, 2011

Gears & gear systems

For your next assignment:

Challenge 1: Design a gear system that would allow one to turn a driver gear, and be able to turn a set of 3 different gears with different speeds, but in the SAME direction as the driver gear. The gear speeds should be:
  • Driver Gear: 100 rpm
  • Driven Gear A: 200 rpm
  • Driven Gear B: 80 rpm
  • Driven Gear C: 250 rpm
Use Phun, and tracers or other relevant attachments to the various gear systems, to visually indicate the rotation of each of these driven gears.

Challenge 2 (More challenging): Design a gear system that allows its users to move an object of mass = 5kg over a LINEAR distance of 1 metre, using the least number of gears that you can! You can show for both vertical and horizontal linear motions.

Submit your soft copies of your files (or take a screenshot/video screenshot of your designs), and submit them to the SUBMIT folder using the following 2 file names:
  • GearsPhun1_205_TanAhSeng
  • GearsPhun2_205_TanAhSeng

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