Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing an Environmental Scan...

Part of trying to invent or create something new or creative, is to look at what is available out there, and see to it that you are not doing something that has already been done...i.e. reinventing the wheel. As toys and games are usually categorised into a few sub-categories, the list below are just perhaps a proposed list of how some of these toys could be grouped together in terms of their function/playability:
  1. BOARD Games
  2. CARD Games
  3. Toys that involves SHOOTING a projectile
  4. Doll-like toys
  5. Movie-inspired toys (which do come in a variety of forms)
  6. Construction-set-based toys
  7. Wooden-based toys
  8. Toys that are miniaturised versions of real games/toys (e.g. Table Soccer)
  9. Water-themed toys
  10. Puzzle-based toys (e.g. Soma cube...shown below, Rubik's cube)
  11. ...and many others

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