Friday, January 28, 2011

Research and Idea Generation...and Selection

First period...
  • As your first entry, work on brainstorming and mindmapping potential toy design ideas that you have with the rest of the team members
  • You can use mindmapping tools like MindNode and others that your team is comfortable with. Please do include a picture/jpeg into your team's journal as evidence of your team's work
  • List out as many possible ideas for toys as you can, using any idea generation tools that you and your team are comfortable with. Some examples would be SCAMPER, Morphological Analysis, Force Fitting, that you have used in previous ADMT and I&E lessons in 2010. You may use pictures/sketches/photos to help you with your journal entries
Second period...
  • Once you have brainstormed these ideas, select 3 of these that you and your team have considered to be the ones with the most potential, or the ones that you think you would like to consider for follow-up development
  • List out these selected ideas into your team's journals, bearing in mind that for each of them, your team would have to answer the 5W1H questions
  • Rank these 3 ideas in the journals and answer the following essential questions:
    • What are the main ideas of the toys that your team have selected?
    • What are the design philosophies of the team's proposed toys?
    • How do you think the proposed toys are better than the current existing ones?

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