Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your task for week 2 & 3

These are the initial tasks that I would require your group to do:
  1. Get into your Toy Design project group and share a Google Doc Word document as a group. Name the document as: InitialResearch_2011_205_TeamA.
  2. Invite me to share your document. I will give my email address in class.
  3. Each group is supposed to select one category from the previous blog post.
  4. For the selected category, please answer the following 5W1H, and another 3 Essential Questions:
    • Who is the game's/toy's intended audience?
    • What is the main idea of the game/toy?
    • Where is the game/toy invented? Where can it be played?
    • When is the game/toy invented?
    • Any reasons why do you think the game/toy was invented?
    • EQ1: Why do you think the game is designed that way?
    • EQ2: What is the PHILOSOPHY behind its design?
    • EQ3: What are the other possible roles or functions of this toy, if any?
  5. Each team member is supposed to use a colour except for RED to input their contributions to the document.

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