Monday, January 10, 2011

Warm welcome to 2011...

A very warm welcome to the class of 2-05 Year 2011. I hope that you have had a good rest over the 2010 holidays, and are raring to go for 2011. These are the key content areas that your would handle during your Year 2 for ADMT:
  • Semester 1: Toy Design - as mentioned during my first lesson with you, the deliverables are still tentative, and would be finalised within the third week of January. Proposed ones are the design and construction of a toy that fulfills certain design specifications and criteria
  • Semester 2: Basic Architecture...Layouts and Spaces - developing a proposed learning space using models (cardboard and virtual) on an existing area. This would require basic knowledge on exterior designs, and an awareness of the requirements of a learning space, as well as some basic knowledge on optimising use of spaces in land-scarce Singapore
Cheers and have a great 2011
Mr Irfan Darian

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